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​4th Floor, Central Mall, Main, G.T. Rd, Islamabad

Job Timings

Night Shift

Job Description

A proficient training executive who will lead and manage the implementation of all aspects of Zag’s training programs, policies and objectives to maintain and develop an effective workforce. Providing practical solutions and motivating the staff to carry on their activities effectively will be the training executive’s responsibility.

What You’ll Do

  • Over-looking the learning and development of the workforce

  • Designing courses and gathering knowledge for teaching

  • Utilizing your natural ability to form good relationships with people

  • Be approachable and flexible

Who You Are

  • A university degree in business, communications or human resource management. 

  • Previous employment as an assistant in recruitment or human resource department

  • Able to conduct job evaluation surveys

  • Capable of supervising and monitoring the progress made via training

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