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Senior Sales Specialist


​4th Floor, Central Mall, Main, G.T. Rd, Islamabad

Job Timings

Night Shift

Job Description

Zag global is seeking a sales professional who comes bearing prior experience in the field with a successful track record and optimum customer service. As a senior sales specialist, you will be equipped with exceptional skills for selling products and services, providing menial assistance to customers and making things easier for them. With a compassionate touch in your inter-personal skills to attract potential customers, they should be able to maintain sales as a balancing act.

What You’ll Do

•    Appealing to customers and convince them to buy your product/service.

•    Try to see eye-to-eye with prospects and potential customers.

•    Point out the benefits while persuading people to buy, but avoid arguments and do not come off too strong.

•    Be confident while answering a wide variety of answers.

•    Greet customers warmly and energetically to make them feel at ease.

•    Help with returns and funds by directing customers to the concerned department.

•    Resolve common and frequently occurring problems.

•    Demonstrate advanced knowledge to drive maximum sales.

•    Approach new customers

•    Provide mentorship as a performance coach to low performing team members. 

•    Set quotas and goals to ensure targets are met. 

Who You Are

•    Prior successful selling experience 

•    A degree in business analytics or marketing 

•    Capable of rendering the subject matter approachable and appealing.

•    Be a master of data analysis to ensure smooth running of the business.

•    Must be able to engage in meaningful conversations and think creatively. 

•    Must portray exceptional selling, convincing and persuasion skills. 

•    Must be confident and well-read about all the offered products and services.

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