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Top 5 Fears and Misconceptions of Outsourcing Your Call Center

Updated: Aug 15, 2022

Outsourcing is not as uncommon as it used to be in the past, and that’s partly due to Covid-19. However, there is still a lot of ambiguity surrounding the concept of Business Process Outsourcing (BPO). Many companies today realize the importance of outsourcing services and many are on the lookout to incorporate the BPO business model to improve their business model.

From customer experience management to simply record keeping, what’s not to like about this new evolution? Or so you would think, businesses still have their reservations about this new business model. For starters, many companies fear that handing complete CX responsibility to an outsourced partner may result in reduced call quality, or perhaps the proper understanding of an agreement may be lost in the transmission. Outsourcing tends to be more complex than what businesses are led to believe. To debunk some of the most common misconceptions we have compiled a list of our top 10 Fear and misconceptions about outsourcing your call center.

Poor Knowledge Dissemination

With an in-house team, it’s a lot easier to manage your brand targets whether it is for product development or simply for customer experience. The challenge to impart the right amount of product knowledge to your target audience will make or break your conversion rates. With an outsourced team, a general guideline could be shared but the tailored customer service experience with the accuracy of knowledge is still largely lacking.

Poor Understanding of the Agreement

The nature and terms of any agreement between the client service and the service provider can vary in terms of complexity. Outsourcing services introduce individuals to the mix who are more or less, new to the exchange. This means that sometimes, the true implication of the clauses may be replaced with a perceived notion depending on past experience.

Lack of Data Security

For a company, its data is one of the most important assets that it has. Companies may fear handing over important bits of data to outsourcing centers. This is a fair concern and one way for companies to make sure that their vital data is secured is to cross-check the outsourcing company’s data security measures that they are taking to secure client data.

Lack of Skills in the Client Retention Team

Converting prospects to clients is not the extent of customer experience management as the true task is client retention. Most companies fear losing their significant clientage to an outsource partner due to a lack of proper SOPs. For companies, their loyal customers are of paramount importance, and retaining them for their brand is something that every brand strives to achieve.

Lack of Client Leadership

Client leadership is more than just client management; it is the art of getting clients to do what you want them to do with the least amount of effort while making them believe that they are ultimately in charge. This advanced skill requires a lot more than just doing what the client has asked you to do, it’s more about recognizing the needs of the client beforehand. Companies have hired and offered long hours of training to their professionals so that they can exact a client leader attitude. An outsourced partner may or may not have the skills necessary to implement a client leadership strategy.

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