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How BPO is Different From a Call Center?

While working in the customer service industry, you might be constantly looking for ways to streamline your operations to serve your customers more effectively. It might be challenging for the owners of the company to find out ways to deliver exemplary customer care service.

Business managers might run across the term business process outsourcing, or BPO, while conducting their research. They might believe call centers and BPO are interchangeable, like many other people. Although they are similar, they also differ significantly, so using the same approach for all of them will not be effective.

To increase productivity and boost outcomes, it is essential to understand the differences between the two, i.e., call centers and the BPO. More importantly, which facility you are using within your organization?

Defining BPO

BPO also known as Business Process Outsourcing, is the method of employing a third-party provider to handle administrative and customer-facing tasks. The back-end and front-end services are two examples of the various BPO service types. Back-end refers to operations that don't directly involve customers, like accounting, legal support, or human resources.

Contrary to this, customer-oriented operations like sales, marketing, or customer support services are included in front-end services. One can contract out a department or a specific set of tasks. Working with a marketing agency, contracting out, or collaborating with a managed service provider (MSP) for technical support or any customer service provider are some of the most typical examples of the various BPO categories.

BPO Service agents have expertise in:

Inbound & Outbound Calls

Answering the calls of customers and making calls to increase the awareness of the respective brand. They also work on generating leads.


They are first-line sales members who have direct interaction with the clients.

Market Research

They also help in finding out ways to improve the product and service by taking feedback from existing customers and reaching out the new ones.

Lead Generation and Sales

BPO employees could serve as an integrated sales team, saving your business time and boosting profits.

Technical Support

Agents of BPO have in-depth experience and product knowledge. These agents frequently prioritize more detailed, technical customer inquiries.

Although these tasks resemble those carried out by call center agents, BPO agents are completely outsourced, whereas call center agents are completely incorporated inside a company.

Defining Call Center

A call center is a one-stop shop that takes and forwards calls from current and potential customers from within your office.

Billing, telemarketing, and debt collection are just a few of the common services that call centers provide. They facilitate better two-way communication between consumers and brands, whether in the form of service and support questions or the routing of those questions to the appropriate teams.

Are They Both the Same?

A declarative NO! The BPO had been providing call center features in the beginning.

However, BPO now considers a variety of factors, such as call and email support, SEO presences, web development, marketing, etc., and is an entire collection of services that limits itself to being a third-party service provider when it outsources a business.

In contrast, a call center is a subset of BPO designed to serve an organization's customers by responding satisfactorily to their inquiries via the clients' preferred platforms, including phone calls, messages, social media, and more.

How BPO is Different From a Call Center

The primary distinction between a BPO and a call center is the segment being served. While call centers are contracted to handle only telephone-related tasks, BPO firms handle a much wider range of tasks.

One type of BPO is the operation of a call center. In contrast, a BPO company is not the same as a call center because they handle much more than just incoming and outgoing calls and client communications.

The location of a business's primary operations is yet another key distinction between call centers and BPOs. A contact center is more concerned with the face-to-face interactions between customers and agents and the provision of customer support, while a business processing outsourcing firm works behind the scenes to handle back-end tasks. While many BPOs share front-end tasks, call center workers rarely perform back-end tasks.

The table indicates the major differences between a call center and a BPO.

Call Center



Keeping current customers happy and winning over new ones via phone calls is a call center's primary objective.

Business process outsourcing (BPO) is used primarily for financial and accounting tasks, as well as sourcing and procurement, outsourcing human resources, etc.

Work Division

Only perform front-end tasks

Perform both front and back-end tasks

Service Level

Fewer services than BPO

More Services than a call center


Fluency in the desired language and basic computer know-how.

​Professional skills in the desired language and advanced computer knowledge.


Sales and communication with the clients.

BPO supports finance, web development, software development, product development, email support, chat support, and many more.


One type of BPO operation is the call center, whose sole purpose is to respond to and resolve customer inquiries. On the flip side, business process outsourcing (or BPO) encompasses call centers and other forms of back and front-end office function outsourcing.

Using a BPO provider is recommended if the outsourced process calls for technical or professional skillsets requiring a degree. In contrast, call centers make sense as a low-cost alternative for customer service.

When working with a BPO firm, you'll need to have a specialized skill set to match the tasks that pop up for the client on an as-needed basis, while working in a call center will suffice as long as you have strong communication and negotiation abilities.

After reading this, you might be wondering, "What should I choose between a contact center and a BPO?"

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