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Apply Today: Zag Global Announces 150+ Job Vacancies!

In these turbulent times of economic instability, having fallen prey to the cost-of-living crisis and lesser work opportunities, people are now facing newer challenges. These include a sudden decrease in purchasing power with rising prices as people are failing to meet their essential needs, increasing stress ratio leading to ailing mental and physical health.

With inflation rising more than ever before in Pakistan and simultaneously increasing unemployment rates, while other companies are laying off employees to decrease their expenditure, Zag Global has come to the rescue with 150+ vacancies for various positions. Through this opportunity, the young professional can learn and become part of a growing company.

Here are the details of job vacancies at Zag Global:

Job Vacancies

  • Training Executive

  • Recruitment Executive

  • IT Executive

  • Operations Team Lead

  • Operations Manager

  • QA Specialist

  • Business Development Executive

  • Telesales Representative

BPO companies are making the market popular and making it easier to carry out business as they can focus on core business-related matters instead of worrying about their promotion. This is becoming common in Pakistan as well, with BPO companies like Zag Global shifting the paradigm with their very own in-house team of sales professionals ready to assist through their expertise and make sure a brand becomes known and develops a green reputation. Zag Global helps lower the gap between a company and its consumer base by bridging the information gap and helping reach a business’s full potential. Zag provides a workplace that fosters productivity while making work fun and exciting. It allows its employees to work at their own pace without exerting unnecessary pressure.

About Zag Global

Zag Global comes loaded with incentives for its employees including food on the house with a different menu each day, a 5-day work week sparing the comfort of a proper weekend, and multiple growth opportunities with training at work to polish its personnel’s skills for a brighter future. Promoting an equality-based work environment, Zag Global offers a traveling allowance for male employees while the females can avail of a proper transport service. Target-based bonuses are a cherry on top to top off all the benefits offered by Zag Global.

Business process outsourcing or BPO companies basically act as mediators between a company and its clients by conveying all necessary information about the product or services it provides. Outsourcing is an effective way to promote a business and its services to more people in lesser time. It also saves a lot of time for companies by acting as their personal salespeople who handle incoming and outgoing customer calls and queries. They help businesses flourish by reaching out to their target markets which in turn speeds up revenue generation.

Walk-in Interviews on 25th Feb

Zag Global is conducting Walk-In interviews to accommodate all talented individuals who have some value to add to the company. Mark the date and be sure to test your luck while the opportunity still stands.

Location: Zag Global Head Office; 4th Floor, Central Mall, Main GT Road

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