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10 Skills Every Call Centre Agent Should Attain

Updated: Nov 21, 2022

Call center agents without a doubt are the foundation of any BPO company. They are the faces who had the first interaction with the clients and place the focal impression of the company. We discussed the strengths and weaknesses of call center agents.

According to new trends that the companies are following, businesses outsource BPO Companies for their marketing and customer care services. Keeping in mind these trends, call center agents are responsible not only for fixing issues of the clients but for a wide variety of tasks.

They are the front faces of the companies, and they facilitate the clients through one-on-one interactions. They can build a positive or negative image of the company by giving relative customer care services to the clients.

A quality call center agent not only acquires good communication skills but also has access to customers’ information to provide them with the best services. They go beyond their limits to provide quality and personalized solutions to their clients which depicts their loyalty towards the company they are working with.

Here are 10 skills a good call center agent should attain:


Your messages are clear when they are easy to grasp and understandable to others with no room for misunderstanding and ambiguity. Communication clarity improves brand credibility, message persuasiveness, and the probability of converting a lead into a deal. The success of a call center depends heavily on its agents' ability to communicate clearly with customers.


In every customer service center, having employees with domain expertise is a valuable asset. The customer support experience can be greatly improved by training agents to have a thorough understanding of the company's offerings, products, and the issues clients usually face. Having better-personalized solutions and complete know-how of the products and services, a call center agent can deal with the client well and can give a better-personalized solution.


Allowing clients, the time they require to clarify their concerns and actively assist them along the course is the essence of patience when it comes to call center services.

When it comes to dealing with angry or confused customers, which are not sure whether they want the product or services or if they had any bad experiences in the past, this expertise truly proves its value. An attentive and patient representative who works with them personally to address their issues will make a positive impression.


Displaying genuine empathy on the job in such an environment helps agents connect with anxious, confused, or distressed callers on a deeper level and has a more beneficial impact on their interactions. Many callers can feel more at ease throughout the call if they know their needs are being heard and valued.

An agent's ability to empathize with a customer's situation is a powerful tool. Nothing is more annoying or aggravating to a caller than speaking with someone who seems completely uninterested.

Problem Solving

Many BPO businesses still follow the scripting approach. Providing call center agents scripts to work from limits the ability of the agent. This concept may work on issues that are common and frequent, but they may face issues while dealing with something unusual or unique. The agent then put the caller on hold to find the solution which gives a bad impression and a sense of dissatisfaction to the client.

Agents working in call centers must be able to handle any issue that arises. To find a solution that would gratify the caller while upholding the best interests of the business, they frequently need to exercise some creativity.

Active Listener

Clear communication abilities go well with the capacity to pay close attention to consumers as they discuss the problems they are facing. By actively listening, one can ensure that no crucial information is missed during the dialogue.

Call center representatives who are active listeners can reduce the number of calls necessary for each client to get their issue resolved. It enables agents to offer assistance and recommendations that take into consideration all the information that is accessible to both.

Organized Personality

A call center agent needs to be organized in more ways than just their physical office. Various organizing abilities, such as taking notes, managing time, and setting priorities, are needed to handle everyday tasks. Organization lessens the chance of forgetting the omnichannel customer journey and the information the consumer has provided up to that point.

Agents can avoid having to start from scratch on every contact by keeping an extensive record of the needs and requirements of all the consumers they interact with. This frees up time and resources to tackle more challenging issues. Clients feel uncomfortable while sharing the details again and again in every conversation.

Team Player

It is now easier for people to work in isolation in the modern world, where virtual and cloud-based call centers employ workers stationed all over the globe. Call centers perform best when their staff members collaborate well and take advantage of all the features the call center has to offer. It is crucial for agents to build relationships with other team members and for everyone to be available to help one another out when needed.

Organizations gain a lot while encouraging team building within their call centers. It supports more effective business operations and client service. It is unreasonable to expect call center managers to help all of their agents with all of their questions. Team members can help each other and substantially reduce the workload placed on management.

Receptive to Feedback

Everyone has the potential for growth, and growth demands improvement. Mistakes are natural but accepting the mistakes and overcoming them makes you better and better.

One should be receptive to feedback if anyone or the manager points out a mistake or evaluates your performance. It helps the agent to raise his caliber and performance.


In outbound services, the conversion rate of leads is normally 2-10%, which indicates that around 90% of your leads will end up saying you a "no". This is the point where a quality call center agent shows his resilience by not giving up and staying persistent, looking for the areas where he is lacking and improving them.

These traits are essential for a successful call center representative and can have a major impact on his personal growth and the growth of the company. These skills help in building the solid character of the call center agent and make him prominent in the everyday life. In order to form a successful team, we recommend conducting regular training sessions with your call agents to help them grow. Once they start performing, they will be more inclined to stay with your company since you ensred that growth within their professional career.

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